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King County Library Service Center, 960 Newport Way NW, Issaquah.
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IVRC Meeting Location

King County Library Service Center
960 Newport Way NW
Issaquah, WA 98027
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Juniors — meet at 6:30 pm

IVRC has two junior programs, providing age appropriate activities.

Rock Hounds is offered to those aged 10 and older. This group focuses on in-depth studies of rocks and minerals.

Pebble Pups is for younger participants. This group works on craft projects and activities enjoyed by our most youthful.


General Meeting — meet at 7:00pm

Presentation: Presently scheduled are the following...
  • January 26, 2018 - Gregg Wilson - "Judith" - a new genus and species of chasmosaurine ceratopsid dinosaur, Spiclypeus shipporum (Gregg will display a five-foot replica skull.)
  • February 23 - Cancelled due to weather
  • March 30 - Susan Gardner - 2018 Tucson Rock Show
  • April 26 - (Thursday, one day earlier than ususal) - Todd Hammerstrom - Landslides
  • May 25 - Char Jorgensen - Wire wrapping (preceded by a short presentation on "Purple Earth Hypothesis" by Jess Baker)
  • June 15 (two weeks early) - Potential field trip discussions
  • July - No Meeting
  • August - No Meeting
  • September 28 - Review of summer field trips
  • October 19 (one week early) - Gregg Wilson - I dream of Genie; how to polish pebbles.
  • November 16 (two weeks early) - Gregg Wilson - Burke Museum Summer 2018 Montana Paleontological field trip report.
  • Dec 7 - Bingo/Potluck
NOTE: If the King County Library Service Center modifies their schedule, we may need to change a meeting date. If this happens, we will send out an email notice and call any members not on the email list. We will also try to update our website in time.

Bragging Rocks: Bring a bragging rock to the meeting and share it with the club. All bragging rock participants can enter their name into a drawing for a small prize. Both adults and juniors are welcome to participate. Bragging Rocks is a time to share a special memory or mineral find. We ask that you leave the rock for viewing until after the break.


  • Tell WHY you brought the rock. Location? Color? How you found it?
  • Identify the type of rock, if you can.
  • Hold the rock high so all members can see it

Gotta Have It! Gotta Have It is your chance to look at and bid on some great items to add to your collection!

Refreshments: If you would like to volunteer for bringing refreshments to the meeting, please let us know. We ask that you bring an equivalent of dozen cookies for snacks. Juice boxes make good beverage options because they are so easy.

Door Prizes: If you would like to volunteer for bringing door prizes to the meeting, please let us know. Typically, members bring about five to six wrapped rocks for Door Prizes.

Birthdays: IVRC celebrates member birthdays. At each meeting, we call members celebrating birthdays during the month to come up front, and we sing! We also open the Birthday Treasure Chest and offer a mineral specimen as a gift. It is a great way to honor each member during the year. You are invited to select a gift during your birthday month or the following month. We ask that members select their gift themselves... no substitutes!


Bringing Guests to the Meetings

We typically welcome guests. After all, the more, the merrier! Don't forget to tell them to bring a bragging rock too.

There are a few exceptions, where we ask that guests not attend:

  • Club workshops
  • Holiday Potluck and Rock Bingo
These are special events reserved for club members only. We thank you for your cooperation.



The Issaquah Valley Rock Club meets at the King County Library Service Center.

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